Charcoal Sea

July 30, 2011
In some parts, I know it was true
I could have sworn that I loved you
I can't understand it...where did you go?
That person who made me smile doesn't show

And inside I'm screaming, trying to plead
My soul is empty, what else do I need?
If only, if only I could make you see
You're such a diamond, in a Charcoal Sea

Your eyes won't meet mine
You know that it's true!
I see what you are
Yes, I do! Yes, I do!

Rise up from your world!
It is not good!
Things will be better
Than you thought they would!

Trust me, please trust me
I know what I say!
I'm begging and pleading
Good will come any day!

And this is your warning
Listen, don't lack
Rise to the surface
>Or I'll Never Come Back

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