close the door

July 28, 2011
By Anonymous

it is hard to loose
what you've been fighting for
even when it comes to choose
to give up and close the door
you can't forget and step away
or quit and leave it behind
because there are things you just can't say
things that might remain inside
you wish to go, escape and fly
otherwise stay here, close your eyes and die
you can sink deep or go to the sky
it's up to you go down or go high
after all what you lived and yet
hard it is to admit the fact
that you'll be in pain.i can bet
tou don't need a word you need an act
but after all this effort all what you've done
to fight for something you wanted to save
it's hard to say but every thing is gone
sometimes it does nothing to be brave
yes it is hart do loose
what you've been fighting for
sometimes you can't choose
tou just must close the door

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