I miss you

May 19, 2011
Anthony looked towards me with sorrow in his eyes
I put my head down, then I silently started to cry
It was hard for us to listen to your painful and frightening cries
I had a horrible feeling that after tonight I would have to say goodbye

We sat in the closet, terrified of what would happen next
I didn’t know what to do, I sat there thinking of the best scenery to help
Anthony thought of a way that might save you, he also made it overly perplexed
I ran out of the closet to be next to you, I didn’t know what happened but I fell with a yelp

Anthony didn’t know what to do, he was petrified more than anything
The thought of his two closest friends being harmed as he sat in a protected closest
He got up and knew he needed to help he began to think about his plan, he started pacing
Anthony knew the closest led to the basement which had a window that led to a shortcut

He hopped up and ran down the steps silently to the basement to escape
The window was sealed shut, he didn’t know how or why it was, he became scared
Anthony looked around and soon came to realize why it was sealed, there was tape
He had a thought something would go wrong, if so he grabbed a bat to be prepared

He ripped the tape, slid out to safety and ran to the neighbors
He begged and pleaded to call the cops, they let him in to call
The phone was ringing, there was an answer, he explained there were burglars
By the time the police arrived it was way passed night-fall

I awoke a few hours later with a horrible headache to find you, dead
Anthony was in the living room with the police explaining what happened last-night
I laid over you in tears, mortified, heartbroken and thinking of what was left unsaid
The chief announced that the masked men were caught on surveillance by the spot-light

That bought happiness to me, I wanted them to be caught for what they’ve done
Anthony went into mourning, I wanted to be there for him, but I was hurt also
These past two days since the robbery, I haven’t been able to function;
We explained the murder in detail that was absolutely thorough

I hugged Anthony and spilled my feelings, ”He’s gone” I sighed
He hugged me and apologized that he didn’t run out to help save us
I told him, everything was okay, he was fine, I made sure it was implied
I sat on the ground, looked down and I thought everything would turn out to be very hopeless

Today was your funeral, Anthony and I read a story, of our time together
He mentioned how he lost a best friend, I read how we were in deep love
We ended it of how we both knew you’d be with us forever
We all put our heads down in silence, then we all looked above

*One year later*

Anthony and I still visit your grave until’ this day, we come here a lot
We both left a picture of us thee together there for you to one day find
Him and I always come on that day your death happened and sit in the same spot
I still come here once a week, alone or with company even though I’m not inclined

Your death was uncalled for and you didn’t deserve this
I’m upset that things did not turn out the way I intended it too
In the end, no one will compare to you, the one I mostly miss
I still do ‘til this day and probably always will, love you

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