Why Him?

May 12, 2011
He looks at me with those big blue eyes with tears running down his face.
I feel like I have killed his heart and his feelings
Like I’m the demon that came up and shot him right in the heart
Like the soulless b**** that took his heart and crushed it in my hand
Like I took his everything and just left him there with tears running down his face
Like a river running down a stream
Everything just gone with nothing there to hold on to
I feel like I should go back into his clench and just kiss the unhappy I see everyday
Like I’m the one that is happy acting for his pleasure
To feel happy
Should I just go behind his back and cheat?
Should I just be unhappy?
Break his heart again?
I’m confused.
Everything around me is spinning
Then I stop and see his face
Kissing another girls and then I’m the one crying
Yelling, screaming
Wishing I shouldn’t of let him go.
Wishing I could get another chance and another taste of the unhappy and realize
I am happy.

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