The Secret of the World

May 12, 2011
By the-king-of-kong BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
the-king-of-kong BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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I stomp, stomp on the extremely deep root
He very much likes to bark, that old dog
Be careful, do not trip over that log
I tie on,pulling aglet on the boot
My dog he is much old, he tends to scoot
Its hard to see, much less drive in this fog
The retired man likes to jog
The dirty pirates all they do is loot

The biting winter sets in, it is cold
The fruit is blossoming a bright deep red
The never ending darkness seeping
The fire burns deep, it does make me bold
The bad smell shows me the creature is dead
The amazing skateboarder is much rad

The author's comments:
I hope people discover that the true meaning of the world is to simply live in it and be at peace with what they have and what they could do

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