news at five

March 15, 2011
There be people in this land who want to take me out, but I will not leave this planet earth without a shout

You may think you know me well, but let me set you straight, let me strip away the lies before it gets too late

News at five has got you thinking I was born to steal, blacks are menacing they say as if their talks for real

Brothas packing 45s work hard to prove them right, thanks to them nobody’s granny gotta go out at night

But if Five-O checks my pocket they will find no piece, I’m a rapper, not a shooter, words are my release

I believe in Martin’s power though the king is gone, but the last I heard “I have a dream” keeps living on

So will I, because no matter what the papers say, I will hold on to tomorrow, ‘cuz I am here to stay

I am here to stay
I am here to play

Well, the ball is in my court, because I’ve come to play, My name I Y.I Williams, though they call me WILL.I.AMS

I will not apologize because my eyes are brown, I am cool with being me, so I take a bow

By the way just ‘cuz you brothas put the H in hip, doesn’t mean my people can’t pick a tip

I can get down on the get-down I know how to flow, I be checking out Dr.Dre too, if you must know

But enough of that, ‘cuz I got something in my mind, I have seen the News At Five and here is what I find;

There ain’t nothing good on teens, don’t matter where you look, Black, White or Spanish, screen time is strictly for the teenage crook

Hear them tell it, drugs and violence is my only song, for myself I think it’s time that we all prove them wrong

I am here to stay
I am here to play

Now it’s time for this, ‘cuz I always save the best for last, my time is ticking quick so I better make this fast

Listen up, my peeps ‘cuz I’ve got the 411, News At Five is info-taiment, that’s the game they run

So forget about those gray heads with their slanted views, come tomorrow I will be the ONE who writes the news

Starting now, I can create myself a whole new crew; I can’t do no worse than Nixon, I don’t think, do you?

I am not a politician, but I know what’s right, it’s high time we knocked the wall down between the Black, Spanish and White

So what’s say I end this thing with you and me shacking hands and sharing hugs, At least we better things that don’t make us some thugs

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