A Tragic Game

March 7, 2011
By Sage242 BRONZE, Maimi, Florida
Sage242 BRONZE, Maimi, Florida
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This has become a tragic game of chess,
The clock is spinning, faster and faster.
The board grows more into a jumbled mess,
Our moves progress, we head to disaster.

What united us, now pulls us apart.
Opinions so different, black and white.
This outcome should've been seen from the start,
Now we fight each other with all our might.

I'm close to victory, it's moves away,
But I lay my king down, I quit this game.
I'll end the pain that causes me dismay,
You think me weak but I'll leave with no shame.

Winning was your goal, losing was our fate.
With all our faults, I knew, it was too late.

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