Colder Than Ice

February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Born on a winter day
Face as pale as snow
Eyes as clear as water
Hair as frozen as ice
Heart colder than Ice
Everyone feared
Everyone hated
With that frozen Smirk
Everyone shall now fear
Nothing can be Colder Than Ice

For as long as I could remember I was born in A small Village in the mountains where it always snowed and showed little sunlight once in awhile. As growing up being made fun of because of my looks and name Jack Frost which fit me perfectly but it was also my fathers name I’m just a Jr.
The past is far behind me but it still bothers me the names and the way people treated me because of how different I was now they fear me.

My difference in this world allowed me to consume ones thoughts and freeze them so if one decides to mess with Jack Frost they will surely never come out alive.
Life goes on outside while I remain in my palace of ice on the mountains people can see it from miles away and its my property with or without my permission to enter or try to break it down will end with the same fate as those frozen for a certain amount of time as punishment sometimes frozen for years they don’t age but as time passes they will have to catch up with time Its rather amusing to see them tick.

I am King of this winter land and will remain here for many years will never be over thrown or killed I will always rise up and control these people. This is my entertainment and it will never end will never be overthrown my kingdom was my Fathers and it belongs to me. My smirk will never fade from my face fear will always show to those unworthy to speak to me. My story will spread and the more it does the more I will be alone in my palace.

As the days past the more worthless it became to sit in my throne day and night no rest watching the people beg for more and more things I have grown annoyed with this nonsense “Beg as you want but one mistake oh just one mistake and you’ll be frozen where you stand” Those words coming from my own mouth always as cold as ever with the Demonic smirk I will always show. “Leave I grow bored of your presence”

As months and years past by I remain as young as ever while the people grown old and leave my village I decide if they leave why not me spreading my kingdom over the countries no the world Ruling it with nothing but Ice that will never melt unless I say so the more slaves I have more work will be finished.

My years of living in this world will grow more useful but I will always remain as cold-blood and hearted I have those who dared to make fun of me to thank or this would have never happened my soul grew more colder with every person who looked down on me and though they could make me feel different.

Now that the world will be mine who cared what everyone thinks my life turned to be very interesting now lets see if they can stop my world conquer. With everyone frozen there I stood with the same fearless look Bow down to you new king.
I Am Colder Than Ice

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