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Found on the Curb

January 28, 2011
By DallasCox SILVER, Wallingford, Kentucky
DallasCox SILVER, Wallingford, Kentucky
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Found on the curb was a thought I had lost
I’d seek its return had I known it was real
I thought it may chill, in a stark winter’s frost
And obtain an ailment that nothing could heal
The sound of waves crashing, a watered down yell
An echoing scene in a mind recent, new
The clouds were left parched as dry rain fell
The whipping wind had set it askew

Atop a bridge lost within time
So rarely travelled that faded knew’t not
(Twas here that I found this thought of mine)
To stop here, uncommon, I nearly forgot
The taste in the air was salty of sweat
And as I pulled over, the wind t’would disturb
Though to my mind, I would not let it get
For there were my thoughts, found on the curb

The author's comments:
This is indirectly about writer's block, though it can be taken many different ways.

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