Golden Lust

January 7, 2011
Death might be better than waiting for you,
But life always seems the better option.
I do know your heart could never be true.
To take such thoughts is healthy adoption.
One look takes my breath and heartbeat away.
Your eyes are more than gold, forcing my greed.
I lust, I long, I pray for you to stay.
Your glorious perfection fuels my need.
A heart in love loses more than I'll give.
Without your sweetness I won't even try.
Pain of affection makes it hard to live.
When I look at you though, I have to lie.
I want only one kiss, or maybe two.
I can cause you pain, but I can't love you.

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TyrelCresswell said...
Jan. 21, 2011 at 2:43 pm
how about three kisses and possibly more;)
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