Let Our Voices Be Freed

December 30, 2010
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Some people stare, while others glare,
Some insist on looking away.
I yearn for others to be kind and to care.
I long to join other children in their gleeful play.

Instead, here in my chair is where I am drearily left alone to stay.
My differences are no reason for me to be feared.
My wants and needs cannot be voiced; I am left in great dismay.
Your comments make me wish I long ago disappeared.

You act as I could not see you as at me, you wickedly sneered.
I'm right here; I know of the hatred put toward my friends and me.
It's time for a change. Instead of hate, we deserve to be cheered;
It is time for our voices to become finally free.

Please help make our voices loudly heard and take a mighty stand;
Help us to teach those who are ignorant and lead them to understand!

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