To Mister Moon

December 12, 2010
By jetaway BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
jetaway BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
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To Mister Moon, I saw a threshold passed
By gone and gone you tempted me to ask.
Look Here! I called, toward His cross-cratered face
The gentle lull of waves, a sullen response,
A muted condescension sent my way.
Mere palm nor tongue can seize this harried truth.
A faltered step, misshapen trumpets speak
Of Time kept steadfast strong in back of minds.
Staccato beats in waves of amber curls,
Unraveled notes strung up by middle tones
I sailed across a lactose sea with oars
Of poison, leaden dreams—oh, Forward! With
A salt and pepper garnish. Made by wit,
This boat upturned when substance lost its varnish.
A crystal ball to foretell this lullaby,
To you a Godless Night, to reap and weep
By both a star and heaven’s fading light.

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