The Big Shot

December 1, 2010
By taylorh725 BRONZE, Jonesboro, Georgia
taylorh725 BRONZE, Jonesboro, Georgia
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Tomorrow is the day,
The last shot may come to me.
I have to keep my hands steady,
People will be watching on TV.

Maybe I should practice,
But I don’t want to get fatigued.
This is way too much pressure,
It feels like I’m getting blitzkrieged.

My hands are starting to sweat,
This can’t happen tomorrow.
Maybe water can calm me,
No, this pill is too hard to swallow.

I think I will try to sleep,
Maybe the clock will stop.
Hopefully time will skip a day,
My room is turning into a sweatshop.

I finally counted sheep,
And I thought the worst was over.
But that time has yet to come,
I’m going to need a lucky clover.

Today is finally the day,
I refuse to fail my team.
I want to prevail,
This feels like one big dream.

The time has finally reared its head,
For the team I can’t fail.
The pressure is making me dizzy,
I wish the court had a handrail.

The enemy has fouled me,
I have to step to the line.
Everything is moving in slow motion,
I wish I had a sign.

The referee hands me the ball,
I do my free throw routine.
I need to hit all my shots,
There’s one there’s two there’s three.

Today was the big day,
Now I need a rest.
Big players show up in the clutch,
That’s why I’m the best.

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