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Fading Fast

November 23, 2010
By blackbn BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
blackbn BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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What is the time when flowers are abloom,
And when the rain is helping them to grow.
The time when nature smells like sweet perfume,
And I can see that faces are aglow.
What is the time when children like to play,
They jump, they swim, they run, oh how they run.
I see them playing in the fields all day,
And so they do until the setting sun.
What is this time I speak of so, you ask,
I’ll tell you now what season that it be.
It’s spring, when in the sun’s warmth we can bask.
While breezes whisper a sweet melody.
But we all know that these things do not last,
I watch them closely, fading, fading fast.

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