The girl looks like me

November 10, 2010
I look at this being
She peers back at me
My thoughts curious, i wonder what shes seeing
i touch my blond, and her blond i see

My blue eyes lock with her blue
And i push my identical bangs behind my ear
and unsuprisingly she copys the move
i know something from being this close to her, for being near

that she may looks like me on the outside, but exteriors lie
even if her names the same, i know shes not I

Because my appearance is a lie, a fake
cause my inner being has given up, its more than it can take

I shed a tear at this girl, but she doesnt feel the same
though she sheds a tear at me, a false alure
My fingers quiver as i reach out to her domain
my fingers touch the glass of the mirror

and with a sigh i walk out of the room
my life dreadful, and with gloom

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