Spring Rain

August 15, 2010
Spring rain brings gray clouds
That darken up the April sky
Covering the sun that gives us hope
Soft winds breathe a gentle sigh

Spring rain drips on my window
Striking the glass like pattering feet
Cleaning the world of impurities
Waking nature from winter’s sleep

Spring rain bends the flower stems
Water weighing down on the leaves
Moisture feeding the dry earth
Light raindrops flying free

Spring rain plops on my mailbox
Droplets on metal—hollow like my insides
Sounding off the empty vessel
Futile love gone terribly awry

Spring rain brings a contemplative silence
That settles upon our shining street
Water rests in pools on the pavement
Puddles that splash beneath my feet

Spring rain brings a cool wetness
Dripping down into my eyes
Trickling salt water down my cheeks
Water that does not fall from the sky
Water that will never run dry

Spring rain makes me think of you.

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