Hidden by a mask

July 4, 2010
Behind this mask you'll never see, the scattered broken parts of me.
The pain, the ache cause by rejection. The cracks in the mirrors reflection.
the piano keys that are never played, the beauty thats never displayed.
The broken lamps, the rusty hatchets, the failed attempts to sow back the ripped patches.
The holes in the walls hid by concrete. The bloody wounds made by defeats.
the monsters ripping away at the skin, madly screaming to be let out from within.
Numbness hid by a lying smile. Silence excpet for the tone of the dial.
Black and white cover the spaces. The mad, angry, vengeful faces.
Dissappointment, anger, regret, and fear. The things about me you'll never hear.
But behind this mask you'll also never see, the broad and beautiful parts of me.
The things I do to right the wrongs. The ancient, sensual, lovely songs.
My wings of courage, my armor of strength. lending a hand at any length.
The wild passionate animal dying to get out. The things in this world that im all about.
Guitar strings being strummed away. The magic showed and not needed to say.
The snowflakes falling in the sun. The things that hide, the things that run.
The things that laugh, the things that cry. The mesmerizing sprouting butterfly.
The fights won between myself and I. the long list of things im dying to try.
And behind this mask you'll never see, any real parts of me.

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Danica said...
Jul. 29, 2010 at 12:34 pm
This is incredible! It honestly describes my life.  You have real talent.  I would love your opinion on my stuff if you have the chance!
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