Iron Boomerang

July 1, 2010
Don’t feed me your lies
Your hard cold swears
I’ve heard them all before
And now I don’t care
Your words may slap me fierce
And your tongue may bitterly lash out
Your yells may turn to screams
Your screams may turn to shouts
You cannot hurt my physically
Or by any means you would
So you hurt me mentally
Thinking that you should
That’s your only defense
Sharp words that pierce, stab, and lie
Twisting those spiteful things you say
Till the day you die
You aim to hurt in the softest spot
Your curses bite me like a fang
And your words rebound on me hard
Like an iron boomerang
But boomerangs go back around
I thought you always knew
So it won’t be long, I am sure
Before it rebounds back on you

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