April 21, 2010
By Lydia Stevens SILVER, Pismo Beach, California
Lydia Stevens SILVER, Pismo Beach, California
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She used to reside way down in the south.
I am so happy she moved up to SLO.
When her head swings, the hair goes in my mouth,
With her reddish-brown locks that hang so low.

Even though her worries drive me crazy,
I try to keep her calm, no matter what.
Without contacts, her vision is hazy,
And after eating, she is a real nut.

Her best talent is the way she can draw,
And I am jealous of her fashion sense.
Her creations have me staring in awe.
After her bedtime, she can be quite dense.

Luckily, we rarely get in a strife.
Hopefully we can be best friends for life.

The author's comments:
This is a Shakespearean Sonnet that I wrote for my poetry book An Imprint of Me. The poetry book was an assignment for my 7th grade English class.

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