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April 19, 2010
By fklepatz SILVER, Tiffin, Ohio
fklepatz SILVER, Tiffin, Ohio
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Freddy starts designs with paper and pen.

On cold, bleak surfaces of his work table.

One design he created has a hen.

Soon he hopes to afford HD cable.

Sounds of pen scratches and scissors resound.

Clean, rough, translucent fabrics fill the room.

His phone never goes off nor makes a sound.

He keeps his work space clean and loves his broom.

An amorphous droplet of blood was drawn.

He sees piles of ribbons and sketch books.

His chance at a break is about to dawn.

He is in pursuit of the next big looks.

His only break is lifting his steel fork,

But he is still, at heart, a ribbon dork.

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