November 26, 2009
By Desiree Richmond BRONZE, Borger, Texas
Desiree Richmond BRONZE, Borger, Texas
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My eyes glow from these tears I cry The joy is unreal with you by my side I walk by you my head hanging high full of thoughts fill my mind as the wind blows A shrill ringing, then silence..I think I'm laughing..giggling from the inside; my voice I'm lacking Lightening cracks, the thunder flashesWhats left of my joy smashes..I cant speak or see, and can barely breatheSome one is there, but its not meAll my fear and all my hate implodes and fills my wasted beingBurning, itching, screeching, and painful bleedingBlacking out, falling downMy lungs burst, I'm going to drownNightmares ensue,What do I do?..Giggling and leering"Its easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love wont reject you...."I wake up, in the rain..My voice was right I'm right in life..An empty shellWaiting for hellYou always told me different; You said that they were wrongBut why do they keep screaming they're Siren's Song? song wrong and end my strifeBefore my insanity ends my life....

The author's comments:
it took a little bit of time to consist of though

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