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My room

March 11, 2019
By Yera_flores BRONZE, Atascosa, Texas
Yera_flores BRONZE, Atascosa, Texas
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My room is a mess 

a mess that can't be seen

sounds crazy huh 

maybe because im just a teen   


Im speaking from my room 

the mess you can't see

Is it really that messy?

I can bearly breathe 


Im numb to the mess

the mess that can't be seen 

maybe hide it under the bed?

atleast It's unseen  


just breath you say

Is it going to cure my pain?

imagine how it would be 

if your loss was your gain 


My room is a mess 

please be patient with me

I promise to be great

I'm just a teen 

The author's comments:

Hey guys!! I hope you Enjoy this poem!! 

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