I Still Think Of You

January 21, 2018
By Anonymous

There are parts of you that are slipping away
Through my fingertips as if you were sand
Yet pieces of you lay buried deep within
Your name still written across my hand

In the treasure chest locked within my heart
In the empty corners of my brain
Your vignettes fade in and out

In the emptiness locked flowing through my art
In the lost joy of the rain
Your silence makes my heart shout

I'm hanging on to what's not mine anymore
And you're doing the same with me
Yet neither of us refuses to let go
So we're stuck in this loop endlessly

Tell me, darling
What is it we're fighting for?
Or are we simply afraid to be alone?
But I won't ever be alone again you see
Not with the memories of you forever haunting me

The author's comments:

A resurrected part of a piece written for all the lost loves never to be forgotten 

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