March 10, 2017

This world is strange.

This world is different, 

then what I feel

it should be.

I see this new world,

and I wonder 

'How did I get her?'


I have no memory of the 

time before I came here,

to this one spot.


Familiar face,

no memory.

Familiar voices,

no reconization.


I love it here.

I dont know 

when or 

how I got here,

but I never want

to leave.


These faces 

start to form a memory.

These voices

start to match.

Things are making since.


Out of no where,

I wake up.

And I realize this whole

time I've only been 


Trapped in a dream that

is now in my past,

but wish was my present.


I long for the 

voices that now

match the faces 

as I look at these people

I've known all my 



Now, as I walk these streets,

I wonder what'll 

await me in the world 

I left in my bed.


I wonder who I'll 

meet next.

Will I remember the

day before?

Will I be able to fly?

Would I be able to stay

this time?

Can I got to sleep

and never wake back up?


Can that be my new

home, if I

never wake again?

Must I come back

every morning in your



I do not fit in in this world.

In this world of consciousness 

is not a place for me.

Let me go to a place where

we can all be us!

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