Night Stars

August 22, 2016
By FlautistaDeGato BRONZE, Mitchell, Nebraska
FlautistaDeGato BRONZE, Mitchell, Nebraska
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I got some night stars

I can see through the bars

That cover my eyes

There are no ties

Just go ahead and walk away

there nothing to do today

It is just an empty void

evading the droid

there is no more fun

it is all shooting a gun

Jumping the starting shot

i never would've fought

In a war involving my night stars

Stars that aren't in bars

Stars that don't hide

I have tried

A million ways 

Through my sad haze

Tell me what I should do

I am so confused too

I am lost in my stars

Stars that form bars

Hiding me in their light

I gave up all fight.

LyinTil i have nothing today

Maybe I should go

I am not a worthy foe

I am a lover

I have a clover

Tell me why i should fight 

Tell me why stars come out at night

Tell me something i need to know

You can't tell me no

It is ruder than hell

I will always tell 

My night stars fade away to nothing

 There's something out of nothing.

You just got to know where to look

I love to keep calm and cook

With my night stars by my side

They watch me hide

Behind a disguise

I am in a disguise

I am sombody else

Yet I am a nobody else

My night stars sing the melody

My life is the melody

They sing my fears

They wipe my tears

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