Living on the Edge

August 9, 2016
By fudge2cake PLATINUM, Hopkins, Minnesota
fudge2cake PLATINUM, Hopkins, Minnesota
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Sixteen year old girl going out at night,

she hopes that bold red lipstick can hide fright.

Rough part of town--that’s where she’s from

‘round these parts can’t afford to be dumb.

Boarding a subway to ride through the dark

her eyes are on the tracks--watching for a flying spark.

Bright-eyed girl, clever girl--she’s all about adventure

and tonight’s party is just a little quencher.

She gets off the subway, slinks down the street

cautious of any stranger she’d meet.

Her heartbeat is steady in her chest

but that don’t mean her fear is at rest.

But collecting her courage, you can’t end her dream

because this girl from the hood ain’t what she might seem.

Confident, she owns each street light,

but the house and its scene are a more thrilling sight.

She joins the crowd,

doesn’t cover her ears though the music is loud.

She dances, she sings

she yanks some heartstrings.

Heads home a few minutes ‘fore cops storm the crib,

strutting along, she knows her way, no need to ad lib.

That’s what her life’s like--living on the edge

it ain’t no private practice, and it takes no pledge.

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