Roller-coaster ride

January 19, 2013
By , Roy, UT
It's hard to know just how you feel
When you leave me in the dark
You say one thing
But you act on another thought
Ohh this is starting to feel like a roller coaster ride

Please can you stop
I want to get off I'm feeling sick
So strung along
I don't know which feeling I should keep
Do you know how much you mean to me

Another day full of hope
Ohh I don't want to let this feeling go
But it's like you don't even try
And I hate to say, but this might be the last time


I miss the flies that twittered around in me
Ohh and I fear they're not coming back
I miss when it was only you I'd see
Now my vision is broken and you're falling through the cracks
Ohh I just want to know


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