Diamond Sky

March 19, 2012
(Verse 1)
When I wake up,
My fears are replaced with love.
Thanks to you my dear,
For helping me get through my fears.
Flowers grow and bloom all around me.
Feel the breeze, feel the winds blowing.
Just you and me here.

(Pre-Chorus 1)

I know I'm not perfect, but you make me feel worth it.
All the bull in the world,
goes away when you unfold me.

I can feel you like Spring in the air
And in the morning where there's mist,
I'll know that you're always there.
This is true, I found you.
'Love has been tossed around so many times..
So I guess I'll just say that you're my perfect crime.
And we'll run together in time.

(Verse 2)
Then late at night we'll run off,
Throw your dust onto us.
Flying away, taking only our love.
The water is clear to where I could see your reflection
You're like the diamond sky...so perfect,
no need for corrections.

(Pre-Chorus 2)
As I drift away into the daisies
You catch me when I fall, because I'm so crazy
About you. My feelings for you bloomed.


Let's throw away our shoes,
Just us two,
We'll walk on the beach.
Letting the sand sink in-between our feet
And we'll hear the waves from the sea...
Let the sun shine over you and me.


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