A Cottage in the County

December 5, 2011
Heaven is just a cottage in the country
Surrounded by yellow flowers
There he waits for me always
My prince
My king
My knight in shining armor
The one who loves me true
In the dark all alone
I just close my eyes and there he is
But now he must leave me
To fight the demons away
For what cause? For Who?
I cannot imagine his pain
The pain of the lonesome fighter
The pain of the survivor among the dead
The pain of the celebrated hero
Fighting his brother for a cause unknown
For the dictator on his throne
For the children in the streets
The hungry begging for their daily bread
Who exist in every country
Even the one he’s crushing
My prince
My king
My knight in shining armor
In the dark just close your eyes and you will see me
Waiting for you surrounded by yellow flowers
Next to a cottage in the country
In a place we call heaven

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