Hearts Apart

August 29, 2011

He made her believe of forever
promised that they'll gonna make it together
two hearts would burn by love like a fever
but the promise broke to pieces however

As she relive the past back to life
her heart was cut by a knife
the one she consider as her knight
had vanished as the day turned to night

He lay down and fixed his gaze to the stars
and notice that his love was as far as mars
his heart was terribly broken that couldn't be nursed
endless agony until it'll finally rust

The two kept staring at the same sky
waiting till destiny erase the gaps between them and fly
she keeps on telling cupid that he was not tie
and why he broke his promise made him wanna die

Forever just now means of waiting
till at last they'll find what they've searching
two hearts apart were deeply craving
of the time they'll merge as one and live never-ending

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