incased vs. open minded

July 31, 2011
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My town is a little over the lake
I got to wondering
why you folk never visited
It might be the way we lived
or the way we smelled?
"Hey I thought I smelled alright..."
but don't worry darling
we're alright

My town is a special town
we got the best looks for a mile around
we got fly kicks
we got fly guys
and oh oh oh our sugary lips

to start one thing is to bring an end to another
to build one up
certainly another must be torn down
to open one door
one must shut the other

an ivy incased mind
is a blissful one
ignorant as it might be
protected from the terrors of this world
open minded fellows
so thoughtful
can fall to destruction
due to poorly controlled curiosity

no sir
my town is open minded
indeed we are a dangerous bunch
no wonder yall don't fancy us much

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