June 27, 2011
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I have been,
For ages now,
Waiting and waiting,
but yet,
you still never come.

I hope that one day,
you will come,
and it is not too late......

I keep waiting for you,
but you never come,
it hurts me a lot,
and I told myself,
It hurts,
as I'm going to die.

I keep waiting for you,
inside my room,
for months into years,
it is suffocating,
like soon I shall die.

And then one day,
you've come to me,
and break the news,
oh my,
hurts a lot.

I keep waiting for you,
and now you've come,
but you're leaving me behind,
and I told myself,
death is better living.

I go on running up the stairs,
straight to the pool,
just to drown myself,

I am falling...(falling)
and I am breathing....(breathing)
with a sobbing heart...(sobbing heart)
I am sad....
that I've been waiting.....
just for nothing.

And then I see,
a hand reaching out to me,
it is him whom I love,
as I am sinking to the bottom,
he help to save me,
but is it too late now?
to change my choice?
but is there still time left?

I reached out to him,
my life won't worth a bit,
if I just throw it away,
just like this.

Waiting for you,
just ended now,
It is time for me to move on,
and I told myself I'll live my life

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