Slip Away

June 5, 2011
Thinking back to the time when I was little
You use to twirl me around telling me I was beautiful
Those times always seemed so simple
But now that you're gone
i don't know if I can move on
I was thinking back yesterday
Realizing that I'll never get to see your face
Somehow I think that you're away
And that you'll come back someday
You were right in my hands
but I just let you slip away
It's hard to think that I won't see you again
i go out in the world,and put on a happy face
But inside I'm dying all over again
Not being able to see you again
You were so close but I just let you slip away
I never got to tell you goodbye
I'll never get to lean on you and cry
I'll tell them that I'm just fine
But they won't know how I'm feeling inside
Sometimes i wish I could be up there with you
But I know that it's not something you would want me to do
i want you to come back
but I know that I can't have that
Can't you see that this is breaking my heart
Losing you has torn me apart
I don't know what to do or say
All I have to do for them is say I'm okay

You slipped right through my fingertips
I'm gonna miss the voice from your lips
I'm sure you never wanted this
You were right and I just let you slip away

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