what's left

May 24, 2011
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I woke up thinking what’s left?
My life has dwindled down to petty theft
Robbing convenient stores for some loose change
I can’t make it I’m going insane
All of this crazy schemes in my brain
Got to get rid of my enemies leaving them lame
But it is my fault I have no one else to blame
I’m done, tired of living in the gutter
I can’t go any further
Feeling sorrow for my mother
Cause all I do is hurt her like
All she did was just waste her time
Busting her a** for me but now what am I worth
I turned away from the woman who gave me birth
I am empty, cold, and scared
I look to the sky but God isn’t there
Cause I decided to dance with the Devil
Living a life of sin
So all I can do is pretend, to be fine
Going to church singing a hymn, but it’ll all be a lie
What’s left? Not a damn thing
My life consists of a string of bag things and decision making
Just a waste of time
Maybe I’d be better off if I just die

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