Blood on His Hands

April 11, 2011
Verse 1:
A river of red seeps out of a lifeless form,
A king is dead and a new one born,
Ambition can be a deadly downfall,
All is lost in the shadow of death,
Once a man of honor,
But he listened to the voices,
They forced him to make all these wrong choices.

Blood on hands,
It stains the guilty,
Over and over and day after day,
He washes the blood,
But the blood on his hands,
Will always stay,
Never to be washed away.

Verse 2:
One breath always leads to another,
His breath is murder,
And there’s only one thing to stop it,
We need a hero,
To put this monster down,
He doesn’t deserve his stolen crown,
At first it was the voices,
But now they’re his own conscious choices.

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:
A lion descends from hiding,
It’s time to claim what’s his,
And shed this kingdom some light,
There sits the man with his prophesy driven plans,
He sits high on his throne and pride,
Only to soon become deaths bride,
The lions second hand,
Will thrive and drive out this king of murder.

Chorus x 1

This time the blood is honor,
The stolen crown will be placed on the tree once again.

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