March 10, 2011
By Nitsuji BRONZE, Huntsville, Alabama
Nitsuji BRONZE, Huntsville, Alabama
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It's been time to go
Forever but
I never wanted to leave
But the longer I put it off
The more it hurts it seems
You used to be a part of me
But now it's time to leave

We had our secrets
We shared our stories
But there are other things
That are more important than these
I used to never doubt you
But now I wonder if
Things used to be so simple
But now it's time to leave

I sit alone
And think of you
But these are not happy thoughts
You've found another to make you laugh
And that makes me want to shudder
You used to make me smile inside
But now it's time to leave

You used to be the inspiration
For all my happy songs
But those were few and far in between
And writing them took too long
You're not the type of muse I'd like to have
The root of my depression
To think I used to be happy
So now it's time to leave

I'm leaving now
I'm only two minutes away from the sunset
And I wonder if in the morning you'll miss me
Then I push the thought from my head
Because to me it seems to you
That I'm already dead

The author's comments:
I remember writing this song when the relationship between me and one of my best friends became really strained and I was feeling that I should just go on my own. Fortunately, we got over it and are still best friends today. :)

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