It's My Turn

February 23, 2011
Verse 1
Why did you start this?
You picked the wrong girl to test with
But I can't say you left me without pain
Waiting for the return that never came
And I never got my chance to say

I don't know what it's gonna take
But seeing these mistakes you make
Someday I know you'll break
Oh baby just face the truth
I can't stand to hear another lie from you
As your ego overflows I realize you're far from what I deserve

Verse 2
You don't see the people you so blindly hurt
There's so many like you; I got caught up
Was naive to fall for you
I played your game but you're the one walking in shame
And it's my turn to say


Verse 3
You see my smile and hate that it's not fake
You led me into your trap
Played my heart for what yours lacks and
I knew it for so long, don't know why I played along
My love was wasted away
But this is my chance to say


Verse 4
It kills to see your face without disgrace
I watch you fuel your flame as I forfeit your game
Take your pride, in the end it's only you who cries
Now it's my turn to say


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