It's Just Life

January 21, 2011
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Will you go or will you stay?
Will you be with me or walk away?
Will you be with me forever,
Or will you say to me, "No! Never!"

You don't love me, and you never did;
You've always thought of me to be a kid.
But who was I fooling? It was too good to be true.
The only thing I question is how I ever loved you.

Spontaneous as you are, you made me laugh;
I'm guessing, though, that you're not my other half.
Two halves make a whole, but alone I'm complete,
And with those fake, petty girls I'm not gonna compete.

Those girls are pretty, but those girls are fake;
I'll leave my Prince Charming up to fate.
And someday I'll be happy with a guy I call my own,
And I will feel complete simply by being home.

I don't know how I loved you, but I learned from my mistake;
And all I can pray for now is for life to give you a break.
Because I know what it feels like for prayer to go unanswered and I know what it's like to suffer,
But at the end of the day, all that we go through adds up to make us all tougher.

I just hope life stays on your side,
And good luck stays with you for life;
And someday you'll learn how to battle,
Manipulation, betrayal and strife.

It's just life--
Not you.

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