Everything's Blue

September 24, 2010
By italianclover5 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
italianclover5 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Purple spots on the wall
When I step back in
Phased from reality
Suntanned on my skin
No cares but a sense
Of nothing to need
And the crops of
This finally harvested seed.

Pictured fences drawn
Will no longer be formed
The thoughts of before
Will lessen their storm
Where you find you
Now you’ll find me
We’ll ride the crazy
Monsters of the sea.

When days become hectic
All thoughts on to-dos
A day in the sun
Sparks something new
Eyes closed to the rays
But no need to see
A day with you
Brings me to me.

A taste of what
Is yet to come
No concept of
The rule of thumb
A hope of what
All things could be
And time to set
These rambles free.

So you take the honey
And draw in the sand
On the cold cement
We’ll whip out a plan
Bask in the light
When not knowing what’s true
Walk back inside
When everything’s blue.

The author's comments:
This song was written after a long, long night of studying, when I really needed to get some creative juices flowing. It's about how being outside makes everything calmer, and seems to make everything make more sense. Everything's blue describes the sensation when you walk back inside after being in the bright sunshine, and everything has that blue-ish haze. After so much studying, I wanted nothing more than to be outside.

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