Young and In Love

September 1, 2010
By Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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life is a broadway play
with an audience
a script
and a stage
and upon that stage i stand day by day
acting, pretending, believing in my lines as if it were real life
Suffice it to say im young and ignorant and curious
curious of me, of family, friends, people, things, and ... you
my curiosity has almost no boundaries
almost because i have felt at times as if you, are not in my script
and this kills me.
and what kills me more so, is that you have given up on me
you have sifted through every last fiber of your being to find me and yet i don't respond
and call me a coward, please, call me a coward
because that is exactly what i am
i find myself struck with pure stage fright as my audience awaits my next line
and yet it seizes to drip from my lips
my lips that once kissed you not with the lust of a teenage boy but with the love of a man
and although an apology is in order
i feel it is not enough to compensate for the wounds that i have bestowed upon you
i speak not from arrogance but from realization and desperation
a sensation that has burned through me ever since the first day of school in the eight grade
life is too short to dwell on those who hurt you
and if this is the last bit of dialogue that we exchange in both or scripts
i urge you to forget me, and to go on with your beautiful play that will forever get better with time
but if you chose to accept that i am not yet ready let you go, i will wait
just like you have been doing so for so long
i will find your part in my play
but i will urge you neither way
so if this is the last thing i say
let it be
please know that it is true
that i most certainly
love you

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