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July 14, 2010
By , Smithville, TX
Its like playing dodge ball with your heart.
And your the only one on your team.
the rest of the world is on the other side.
and they play mean.
It makes you bruise. Sweat. and Bleed.
Welcome to the game of lovers greed.

Falling isent the correct term.
Crashing. Burning. Staggering.
It makes you squirm
Slamming against the ground.
No one notices. Not even a sound.
Mamma its a bird. its a plane.
Its another failed plan.
Another person meant to fade.

Everyone has had there pain.
When was it invented
The rules of the game?
I keep getting beat
With the iced over ball.
I cant get hurt again
Theres no way i'll fall

Its like playing dodge ball with your heart.
Im the only one on my team
And i play smart.
Step it up and i'll get mean.
im just another player
In a lovers dream

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