As I walk with him

June 7, 2010
By Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
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Even though I walk with you
The shadow of terror keeps striking through
And in the night of my dreams
Light is forsaken me
Walk me through your city of heaven
With your word you show me a world
You run with me through the city of color and gold

You found me and took me in
You cradled me in your arms
I was lost and you found me through my pain
Words and comfort came to me
your arms found me and captured me

My life was once a heartache
A terrible memory
You spoke to me though others eyes
And saved me with grace and love
Showing me a way to freedom
Freeing myself from this never ending hell


Their flattering lips speak with deception
Your heart spoke to me
And you showed the way to forgiveness
You’re my everything and in your eyes
I am perfect.


I am perfect in your eyes
I am sacred with your love
You love me
Through all the other people of this world
You make time, for just me
Along with love for everyone else
I feel loved by the one that counts

You open your arms wide
You saved many of time
You speak to me with loving words
You showed me a world all my own…

The author's comments:
This is about me and god

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