my getaway

May 20, 2010
By , reddick, FL
Here i am again talking to myself sitting at a red light.Both hands on the wheel,how i am i suppose to much running through my mind,i can't say want to be with me but you turn around and say that you love me but now you can't stand me.
here on the side of the broken road thinking to myself,trying to getaway from the feelings that i have.i guess it wasn't meant to be.tears rolling down my know what it's like to feel so in the you know how i feel when your face disappears in my rearview said we will never be apart
(chorus ends)
do you know what its like to feel so in the dark.the way you looked at me it took my breath away.this is my getaway,my getaway,getaway,getway,yeah.this is how i feel because of what you didand how many times i stitched my heaart back together again.we were together but then you left,i let you in thinking you change but you broke my heart in two again.
(repeat chorus)
you heard me crying myself,i told myself i wasnt going to cry over you.i am still came in my room laid down on my bed and told me you would never hurt me or leave me told me to stand up beside my bed and then you kneeled donw on one knee and asked me to marry you.i said yes.
(repeat chorus)
its been 6 years that we have been have changed from a boy who didn't know what he wanted in his life to a man who loves me and knows what he wants in his life.i found my getaway and it was you all along.i found my i have you.we are getting married i am happy you came for me again when you realize what you going to loose.
(reapeat chorus)

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