kaleidoscope eyes

October 8, 2009
By completely_content GOLD, Reno, Nevada
completely_content GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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I think, therfore i am

Skittles, shrooms, and ecstasy
The lies that go along
With the artificial rainbows
That I see
You said you were my friends
As long as I’d take a puff
Then late one night
I got caught holding a bag
Of your stuff!
With my eyes glazed over
And the world in a fogged up view
I came to realize my friends weren’t you
Will twenty-eight days be enough for me?
I don’t really care
I just don’t want your sympathy
My life isn’t pathetic
It’s just the road I chose
But now that I’m sober
Who knows?
I love the way I can make my own decisions.
I’m higher than you think
I’m no longer a person
Standing on the brink
I’m not depressed and unhappy
I’m amazed and proud of myself
I have faith in those standing alone
Because one day they will believe in themselves

On the road and back again
The girl with kaleidoscope eyes
Finally learned to see clearly
Much to her surprise

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