Where? How? What?

April 17, 2018
By ZeldaDesFan1 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
ZeldaDesFan1 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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Where do they all go?

My blackhole heart slowly continues to suck up all my emotions

Soon there'll be none left

The tears stopped long ago

Only come out when I don't want them to


How did it all come back?

I was doing okay

Not great but better than the years before

Genuine happiness filled my heart for a little while

I should've known it would come crashing down eventually

I was arrogant to think otherwise

A day's worth of happiness is a week's worth of emptiness

At least that's how life has always treated me


What made me think anything changed?

I don't know the answer to this question

Maybe because he was finally out of my life

Maybe because I wouldn't have to see him again

Maybe because she was finally being nice to me

Maybe because I was thought everything was okay

Maybe because I just didn't want to believe I hadn't changed


Will I ever?

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