February 9, 2018
By Kylekrug BRONZE, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Kylekrug BRONZE, Holly Springs, North Carolina
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These cuts on my skin, represent my sins
These bruises on my brain all started with fame
These cracks on my heart, tear me up
These pains are all because of me
Everyone always says to focus on the present
But I never seem to be able to
All I think about is the past
And not even the good times
Just the cruel ridden past,
A bottle of happiness is all I desire
Or even just one person that would actually help me
When depression gets the best of me
I just fade away into the abyss of darkness in my mind
And that’s when things get the worst
I start thinking of what I could have had
If only I could go back and change my life
I would in a heartbeat
A slow fading heartbeat
Of someone who is about to die
Sometimes I wish that person was me
Just so I can get away from all my problems
All my mistakes
Sometimes I wish I was considered normal,
And not always the lonely kid in the back
That no one knows or cares to know
But then other times I enjoy the pain
I know that's a bad thing to say
But I can’t change how I feel
No matter how hard i try

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