Getting older

February 8, 2018
By LiamG BRONZE, Saint Louisville, Ohio
LiamG BRONZE, Saint Louisville, Ohio
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Getting Older,
I never took it seriously
Getting Older,
was something I thought only adults do
something they could choose
I guess I always assumed
Getting Older,
Meant becoming less of you

Now I understand
Getting Older,
Can never be planned
Sure, you know it will happen
But, do you know what will happen?
Does anyone understand?
Getting Older,
If anyone can
Then perhaps they can understand
What was the plan?

Something to truly fear about
Getting Older,
Your end is never clear
When fate starts winding its gears
You may not have time for shedding tears

You have to wonder if
Getting Older,
The End,
The Beginning,
When I
Get Older,
I will climb
the mysterious wall
that divides
Us all
Maybe then
I will understand
If there was ever a plan

The mystery

That has haunted


For all of its history

Getting Older,

No longer threatens me.

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