Why Does It Matter

January 8, 2018
By SxpremeKourt BRONZE, Florissant, Missouri
SxpremeKourt BRONZE, Florissant, Missouri
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I am thirteen
And my height has betrayed me
The tallness I wish to have
Still hasn’t been shown to me
But still I sit and ask why
How come I am this short
What if I die
Before I reach my height max
Then ask myself
Since when does height
Actually matter

now know how to deal
With the height difference
The people in the world
Are just too big
Suppose everyone is just in the world
Over 6 feet tall
They will read their messages
But finally said
The truth about me
The only thing that I ever wanted
Was to be an average height
But then asked myself
Since when does height
Actually matter

Nobody stops and thinks
About my side of it
I should’ve been on the Basketball Team
My height doesn’t mean anything
Why do I have to be
The one
To have a major height difference
I have nothing to say when It comes to height
Will I live long enough
To be tall enough
Then I said
Since when does height
Actually matter

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