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December 18, 2017
By Jewels935 BRONZE, Fenwick, Michigan
Jewels935 BRONZE, Fenwick, Michigan
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One of my favorites would have to be "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." My favorite one right now would have too be "No matter how SERIOUS life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid"

They are loveable,
They are helpful too.
They sometimes have more meaning and kindness
Inside them
Than humans.

They can be big
Or small.
Many different colors.
They are different
Just like us.
But sometimes
They are are so much better.

Sometimes they are there for you
More than humans.
They may even be closer
Than any human friend
Could ever be.
They may even know you
Better than your friends
Or even you.

People say
A girl's best friend is a diamond.
If someone says that
Then they need to ask more girls
Of different varieties.
Most of the time
Girls will say
Chocolate and animals
Are my best friend.

If you haven't guessed yet
It should be easy to tell
The symbol I chose
Was a dog of any sort.
If you guessed that
Then you know me well.
Maybe even better than
I know myself.

They are always there
They listen to you
When you need someone
To talk to.
They are there to keep you warm
Even if the cold is trying to
Capture deep into its
Cold, dead grasp.
They cuddle with you
When they know your
Sad and blue
They are here
Ready to cheer you up.

These are the reasons
That when I die
I pray
That I will become a
Dog someday.

If I die
And you see a dog
I hope, that I will be
The one you think of.

The author's comments:

Jewels. My family loves animals. I love all animals, but one of my favorite animals are dogs.

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