October 28, 2017

With what little he had, he made his home
Upon barrels and crates, he established his throne

Pillars of cans and tools that lay,
Invited only few and scared most away

Hidden in the shadows, he minded his own be
With no intentions of interactions and nobody to see

Not a smile to be shed nor a laugh to be shared
Just the stench of the stable and the heavy evening air

But then emerged a figure
So broad and so strong
But the figure just stood there and minded along

Feeling invaded, he pushed him away
Still silently hoping he’d disobey

Like a soldier on the battlefield, he stood his ground
But the temptations of surrendering began to surround

Defenses aligned with instincts so strong
But the innocence in his smile didn’t take too long

He invited the man in and for the first time he could see
Beyond the color of his skin and the roots of his tree

They talked for a while before the figure had to leave
But it felt like a lifetime, so close to being free

He lay in his bed and looked to the stars
Hoping they were there and wondering what they are

Though he couldn’t always see them in the bright of day
He knew they’d still be there by some magical way

Because for once in his life there lay a chance
For acceptance beyond boundaries in a two person dance

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